Smart Reservation System

Business competition becomes more intense, coupled with the government’s plan will open up global markets make companies vying to provide the best services.
For companies that offer goods, not enough of it. Currently collaboration with service that is qualified benefits. Interactions and relationships with customers has also become an important target in increasing sales.
Then no less important aftersales support is also needed to guarantee the customer. The call center is required to sustain the service.
Underlying it we launched a product called the dimension of e-reservation, an innovation that bridges the sales and aftersales support.

Advantages of the e-reservation system dimension
– There are two options: managed services / hosting and private servers. with Affordable price
– In the future can be developed easily, because Modular based
– Business process can be adapted to existing conditions
– Equipped with Call Center application services
– Notification by SMS / Email

Single Line Diagram

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