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The Complete Digital Signage Solution
We simplifies digital signage by offering the complete digital signage solution from one trusted, open standard provider. And you get a single point of contact for the entire process, which includes:
• Hardware for content delivery
• Software for content creation and management
• Services for installation and ongoing support
Customized for Your Needs
We offers a variety of hardware, software, and service options and performs an on-site assessment to develop a digital signage solution customized for your needs and budget.
Our Solution can:
• Identify the best possible hardware— display brands, sizes, and features and servers to meet your requirements.
• Provide a choice of software ranging from simple, locally distributed content management to enterprise-class managed networks spread across the nation or globe.
• Manage installation and post-sales technical support for 10 displays— or 10,000

Large Format Displays
Matra Signage can help you identify the best possible display brands, sizes, and features to fit your needs and budget, no matter how demanding your environment or application.
• Commercial and Consumer Displays
Choose from commercial and consumer displays that offer a selection of built-in features such as button lockout, ability to run 24/7,  automated turn-on and off, and enhanced video color, extended service plans with true business support line, and ability to network,
locally store, and stream content including HDTV.
• Display Size
Choose from large-format display sizes from 32” to 108” or video walls made up of hundreds of TVs showing a single message.
• Touch Screen
Touch screens and interactive displays can drive user immersion, brand recognition, upselling opportunities, and analytic based metrics.
• LCD vs. Plasma Displays
Plasma displays offer truer color, lower price, and faster response, while LCD displays offer slimmer design, lower power consumption, work well in ambient light, and avoid burn-in.
• Enclosures
The proper enclosure can protect your digital signage monitor from many external factors such as inclement weather and debris buildup

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