Matra E-consultationDefinition

Electronic consultation (e-consult), a telecommunication modality, is a mechanism that enables primary care providers (PCPs) to obtain specialists’ inANputs into a Customer’s care treatment without requiring the Customer to go to a face-to-face visit.
E-consult is a web-enabled system and process, where Consultants and specialists are able to communicate, share important information and consult electronically to manage Customer care. It reduces the specialty referral and appointment process to just a few days, which increases the speed delivery for customer care services

Why e-Consultation

Traditional consultation is currently an obstacle in some cases, such as dense schedule of doctors, traffic jams, busy work, and the limited time. With such conditions make the cost of the consultation is high, so that the level of satisfaction obtained can not be achieved with the maximum
It is our underlying wound provide an online technology consulting namely Matra eConsultation. A comprehensive solution package with features that it offers several advantages such as
Ease Find Doctor and see Credential Doctor
Ease of set schedule an appointment
Virtual conference via video conferencing
Knowing the patient history data
Billing transparent
Document and Data Capture

What offers

Matra e-Consultation offers

  1. Managed service with charging time based consultation
  2. Managed service with case based consultation

Customer benefits

  • Easy to find Doctors
  • Reduce unnecessary travel
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Timeliness of results

Provider benefits

  • Expand their reach and provide global care
  • Lower cost access to doctor
  • Help doctor better manage their schedule (support reminder / notification)
  • Reduce Doctor stress
  • Increase numbers of Patient (increase Doctor Revenue)
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Promote intra-country medical tourism
  • Conferences Facility
  • Save time and quick access doctor


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